Pros rave about Original Natural Charcoal

Brandon Norman of Down to Smoke BBQ recently placed 2nd at the World BBQ Championship in Memphis.

"Outstanding Charcoal, burns clean and keeps meat flavorful, moist, with a good smoky taste. My competition BBQ team DTS BBQ used this charcoal during Memphis in May 2016 and we came in 2nd place out of over 100 teams in the Seafood category. Original Natural Charcoal, you have a outstanding product and I will continue to use it!! #anchorupbbq"

Down to Smoke after placing 2nd at the World BBQ Championship in Memphis.

Janet Baker of the East Texas Girl Grillers has won two first place Steak Cook Offs and has had 5 top 10 finishes since March of 2016.

“This is by far, the best charcoal I have ever used, she said. “It is easy to light, clean burning, and no chemical smell. The smell is sweet and adds a wood smoked flavor to my steaks instead of that chemically taste that most charcoals have. I highly recommend this charcoal in competition cook offs or if you’re just doing some backyard grilling. It’s an awesome product.”

Janet Baker after winning The 2016 Steak Cook-Off Association International Steak Championship's Newcomer of the Year Award

PK Lippoldt of Grate Keepers - a Steak Cookoff Association Grill Team - also recommends Original Natural Charcoal.

“I am a charcoal fanatic and I feel I have found the ultimate product, Lippoldt said. “The Original Natural Charcoal is the quickest lighting, longest and cleanest burning charcoal both in briquettes and lump. The residual ash is the easiest charcoal to clean up I’ve ever experienced. The feature I like more than anything is the mild and natural flavor it imparts in smoking, direct and indirect grilling. Works well with all meats, vegetables, fruits and tofu! Thank you for producing such a clean, honest product.”

One of many beautiful steaks posted on the Official Grate Keepers Instagram page


Noam, of Big Green Egg USA, recently reviewed Original Natural Charcoal as well.

"One of the sweetest, cleanest lump I have ever tried. Nice and chunky. I am definitely an instant fan. I would call this lump charcoal "chef grade"."

 Photo from Noam's shipment of Original Natural Charcoal... click here to see the rest of his review.

Caterers have also loved Original Natural Charcoal.

“As a catering company and BBQ enthusiast I can tell you that the products I have used have been “Blue Ribbon quality,” Joe Wilson of Meat Coffin BBQ said. “The lump style is extremely clean with no sand or dirt to pop and spark. Lump size is perfect with a great mix of large to medium size pieces. Burn was perfect and lighting was of ease. The cook time on the charcoal was above average and produced a pleasant smoke flavor every time I have used it. But at the end of the cooking is when you notice the biggest surprise, the lack of debris. The clean burn from lack of added fillers and binders really shows up with “just clean ash”. Do yourself a favor and try this product. It’s one of a few companies that isn’t owned by the big K brand. My clients have enjoyed the product and I enjoy the ease it puts on me from start to clean up.”

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