Original Natural Charcoal

BBQ Pros Recommend Original Natural Charcoal to Taste The Difference

Original Natural Charcoal has recently made its way around the BBQ competition circuit helping competitors achieve top 3 finishes in several national competitions.

Down to Smoke BBQ, proud user of Original Natural Charcoal, recently placed 2nd at the World BBQ Championship in Memphis. They had this to say about Original Natural Charcoal:
"Outstanding Charcoal, burns clean and keeps meat flavorful, moist, with a good smoky taste. My competition BBQ team DTS BBQ used this charcoal during Memphis in May 2016 and we came in 2nd place out of over 100 teams in the Seafood category. Original Natural Charcoal, you have a outstanding product and I will continue to use it!! #anchorupbbq"

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Janet Baker of the East Texas Girl Grillers has won two first place Steak Cook Offs and has had 5 top 10 finishes since March of 2016 while using Original Natural Charcoal. 
This is by far, the best charcoal I have ever used, she said. “It is easy to light, clean burning, and has no chemical smell. The smell is sweet and adds a wood smoked flavor to my steaks instead of that chemical taste that most charcoals have. I highly recommend this charcoal in competition cook offs or if you’re just doing some backyard grilling. It’s an awesome product.”

What's so special about Original Natural Charcoal?

Original Natural Charcoal products contain only 100% original premium hardwood. The charcoal lights quickly and is ready to grill in 10 minutes. It burns hot, searing the meat & locking in flavor - all while lasting longer than any other charcoal you can find. 

"It's easy to light, clean-burning, and no chemical smell!"

In her review of Original Natural Charcoal, Janet Baker says "it's easy to light, clean-burning, and has no chemical smell!" highlighting the benefits of having no chemical additives which include: 

  • Pure smoky BBQ taste
  • Less ash
  • Minimal waste
  • Fast clean-up
  • No Carcinogens

Eco-friendly & Sustainable

Original Natural Charcoal is committed to making eco-friendly & sustainable products. Unlike some of the other charcoal products on the market today, Original Natural Charcoal is premium carbonized wood with no additives. The wood for the charcoal is never gathered from live trees. Instead, it is sustainably pruned from existing trees and from downed trees.
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